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Kathy Lecletc


Just starting the ideal protein diet and need ideals on recipe.

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Success Weight Loss Centre


Success Weight Loss is an Ideal Protein Independent Authorized Centre that focuses on education, improving health, and lifestyle change. The key component that Success Weight Loss provides to clients is personal weight loss coaching along with education. Providing clients with one-to-one support and encouragement helps the individual implement lifelong changes that enhance well-being during their weight loss journey. In conjunction with providing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, our centre provides tools and programs that our clients can incorporate into their weight loss journey such as Lifestyle Support Group, a sharing environment, and Mindfulness Meditation which helps individuals stay focused and maintain their weight loss. Losing weight is not just about dieting and looking good, it's about making permanent lifestyle changes that result in healthy and long-lasting results.

Our centre also offers a wide variety of low carb, diabetic friendly and keto condiments.

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Looking for new recipes.

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Success Weight Loss

Courtenay/Comox Valley


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Heavy forever...sick of it! Need to be more comfortable in my skin. It isn't so far to go...just can't get there. So stupid.....need a lobotomy! Saw a retired colleague the other day that could barely walk due to obesity. Pictured myself in a few years if I don't deal with this now. Was 230 lbs 15 years to 185.......but need to get to 155.

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Deb Miller

Courtenay BC

Tired,old & fat, don't want to be tired &fat anymore! OK with being old!

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As I have aged, so have the pounds. I need to lose weight for health reasons.
Need motivation.

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Anne S


I exercise regularly but do t plan my food ahead of time, feel resistance to doing so, eat healthy foods but crave and eat too much sugar. My weight goes up and down somewhat but I haven't achieved my "ideal weight" goal for many years. I am frustrated by my weight despite a lot of knowledge about how to lose weight. I know I need support and someone to be accountable to. Also, my health issues are slightly high blood pressure that I'm on medication for and arthritis in my hips. Losing weight, perhaps 20 lbs or more would help greatly to alleviate the strain on my hips and lower my blood pressure.

Location is Courtenay/Comox Valley, B. C.
Using the Medically designed Ideal Protein Diet Method the coaches at Samudra Weight Loss Health & Wellness will motivate and inspire you to your health and weight loss goal. Gourmet meal replacements along with lots of veggies and supplements make this diet a healthy one that will see you losing fat while maintaining muscle mass.
As well as being a trained Ideal Protein coach, owner operator, Kristin Bjarnason, is also a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor. Her yoga studio is attached to the Weight Loss studio.

The studio is on 6th Street (between The Atlas Cafe and Tulios)

Ideal Body Solutions specializes in cellulite reduction and muscle toning and offers Ideal Protein weight loss program products and services.

407 4th Street