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Lil Tripp

Campbell River b.c.

Joined Aug 1,2013, down 77 lbs to date 7 more lbs to my goal , one happy girl the best diet I have ever been on , I still am shocked when I do the laundry , I wonder who those size 12 pants belong to .s

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Campbell River

I want to be healthy

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campbell river b.c.

just want to lose weight and be healthy. Hard to lose after 45&up.'s picture

Campbell River

No Thanks

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barb remfert

Campbell River BC

Had a weight issue most of my adult life .
Want to make a change.

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Campbell River

Just wanting to do this with my husband to lose some weight.

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campbell river

Been up and down my whole life. Short and stout and had gestational diabetes with my second child. I made my own low carb diet, high vegie protein and felt so great, lost 60 lbs half of which was during my pregnancy, had a healthy 8 lb baby and felt terrific. Also I kept it off for about 5 years but slowly went back to my old way of eathing. I know this works but need help this time. My life long friend is doing this and looks great and so I took her lead and am starting today. Excited! Ps my daughter is now 14.

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Tami Uzzell

Campbell River

To loose weight

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