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On journey to reclaim my zest for life. I got too insulated from the world by eating. I was and still am too heavy. I have lost 36 pounds as of January 11, 2016. I started November 4th 2015. Would love to get to 180. My coach says I'll make it to 150!!!
I'll be happy being one hundred something.


Nova Scotia

I have always been a big girl. I have tried many diets. I have also tried isagenix which was great but expensive. I have low self esteem and hate what I see when I look in the mirror.



I was on ideal protein about 4 years ago. It was very successful, but I didn't come off it properly. Over the next year I gained half the weight back. I was wondering if you sell ideal protein products. When I was on it before, the closest dealer was in west lock.



After not doing much cooking for years, skipping meals and then menopause I found myself with a 40 lb weight gain over a period of 8 years. I had a moment of realization after stepping on the scale in October and am proud to say with the help of IP I am down 17 lbs!! I'm cooking again, eating again and not letting menopause stand in my way. I really need some help with planning tasty IP compliant protein meals. So happy to have found this site!



Need to lose 150 pounds for health reasons. Tried many diets and through the recommendation of my physician, I'm now on the Ideal Protein diet. I'm in my first week and feeling fabulous. Looking forward to learning news ways to use the product and losing the weight.



I have been on Ideal Protein since two weeks before Thanksgiving and have lost almost 25 pounds. I have tried for years to lose weight but this is successful. : )


St. Peters Missouri

I have lost 150 lbs three times in my lifetime. I need knee relacements but cant get them until I loose weight. I have used several programs, but need the coaching and contact to motivate me.



I have tried many diets over the years and nothing has worked. I couldn't stomach the meal replacements or highly restricted food lists. I have been on Ideal Protein for a week and I'm am falling in love with food again. So far, my favorite meals are the omelets and the broccoli and cheese soup. I finally feel like there is hope. My plan is to take off 100 lbs, stop taking blood pressure medicine, and stop myself from flowing a path straight to diabetes.


Orlando, FL

I've been a yo yo dieter all my life. I'm new to Ideal Protein but happy with the quick results and excited to see what happens next. Joining this site will help me with the added support I need to be successful.



I was in a car accident 2 years that I'm still healing from. 6 months ago I needed back surgery as a result and zero activity coupled with wine makes for a terrible diet program. So here I am.



I started this journey about 9 months ago when my neurologist recommended I significantly reduce my sugar intake to try to control my migraines. As my migraines had progressively become worse, I was willing to try anything, including giving up my beloved sugar. As of today I have lost my migraines as well as 90 pounds and 45 inches!



I'm a single mom of 5 and need to put my health first. Started IP Dec.15,2015 and struggling to loss weight. I'm only down 10 lbs.


Round rock, tx

Struggled with my weight since about age 45- I stopped smoking, had a stressful career- I'm now newly retired and want to eat and stay healthy. I have done IP. Before, but regained it all back. I have 30 lbs to lose that should put my body fat below 30.


Erie, Pa

Started IP in October and just having a hard time staying focused. I have tried all the other duets out there...but I love IP... Just saw these new recipes and looking forward to trying!!! I've list 30pounds and gave 40 more to go



I've been over weight since the birth of my first child twenty five years ago. Dieting is always something that I'm trying. I usually last up to 30 days lose some weight it not enough then boom back to what I was and heavier. I recently was told about the ideal protein diet and since I have googled many sites looking to see if it's another diet I will fail or if I will like the foods I'm making and FINALLY be able to stick with this. I guess I'm weighing my options.


Rocky Mountain House

I am a 51 year old female who has fought weight all my life. I had thyroid problem at an early age and had to have my thyroid removed. I also have multiple sclerosis for the last 16 years. So I want to lose my weight for me and to feel better.




still struggling with last 7 ibs but i have lost 18 its fantastic diet i never get hungry ,treat your self to a nice juicy rib eye, share the fat with the dog, have some mashed suede, make some mashed cauliflower ad ip potato mix yum yum, BUT keep having wine at the weekend when my hubby home.He is away all week in uk so i love being alone ,its so easy to stick to diet, but hes home fri so my diet gets but in the she box.

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Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi , my name is Carla. I started Ideal Protein 6 weeks ago and just love it! I previously lost 92 pounds through weight watchers and kept it off but still had 20 lbs to go to hit my goal weight. Well I am almost there. I love the program and the food. And am looking for new recipes :)

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Calgary AB

I gained a lot of weight after a car accident that fractured my neck in 3 places. Luckily I was not paralyzed and I'm grateful everyday for that. Before my accident I was in amazing shape. I worked out all the time. Ate well. I felt good and looked fantastic. After my accident I gained about 50lbs over the course of 2 or 3 years. It sucked and I really struggled with my self esteem and image. Few years later my Fiancée and I had a baby boy and to my amazement I LOST all my baby weight in a matter of a few weeks and actually weighed less that I did before I got pregnant. I was so happy and couldn't believe it but the scale still read 185 so I felt better, but not great. Once I stopped breast feeding the weight came back, and quickly. Within 2 months I was back up to 205lbs. I felt horrible and I was angry with myself. My mom introduced me to Ideal Protein a few years ago but I didn't take it seriously. A dear friend of hers own the clinics and helped encourage me to get back into it to lose the weight I've been wanting to lose so bad and get me back to my goal of 160lbs, in preparation of my upcoming wedding in 3 months!!! I've been at it for 3 weeks now and (my next weigh in is tomorrow) so far I've lost 10lbs and 8inches overall. I've lost 2% of my body weight already, not including what I find out I've lost tomorrow :)

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Anamosa Iowa

I just started the Ideal protein this week thru my doctors office. My doctor highly recommended this diet, he has lost over 45 pounds. So after asking a million questions, I made my first appointment this past Monday....but didnt start until Tuesday this week. I have been struggling for years to lose weight.
wow 18 weeks on Ideal Protein Lifestyle and I have lost 65 lbs. I feel amazing.....I've met my first goal. Now working towards my final goal!
It's been just over a year since I've started Ideal Protein. I'm now down 125 lbs and just 10 lbs from my final goal weight. I have learned so much about me, food and labels. I look forward to maintaining my new lifestyle. I will never go back to my old habits, it's just not worth it my health!

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Fruita, Colorado

I've slowly gained weight over the last 10 years. I have tried a few other diets with little or no success, so I was a little skeptical about Ideal Protein. I'm finding this diet very easy to follow and am so excited for my journey. Glad I found this website!

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started my journey at 257 in January and after about six week I have lost 31 lbs. I am half way to my goal. I have another 25 lbs to go and the help from Trista has been very help and being able to shoot off an emai and get a response is helpful! I am happy I started on this process the only things that is not so great is the clothing situation have to buy new ones! Thanks for the support Trista! Looking forward to yoga and weigh in tomorrow!4
April 10, 2015--- down 40 lbs and weight in at 221! And ther 20 to go but with all the support and help that has been given. Helps , ! People at work have noticed...even commented on my need for some new pants! Thought we bought and now I am losing more! Aiming for target weight around my brith day in May! Then it will be a summer for fun in the sun and toning the muscles that lie underneath the fat!

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Gerrie Eve


I have battled with weight for many years and I have tried every diet that has ever been written but was unsuccessful. My sister in law introduced me to the Ideal Protein Eating Plan 5 yrs ago in the USA . It has finally arrived in Australia and I am so excited to have commenced the program. I am in 3rd day Ketosis but doing well. I love the products but especially the recipes.



I'm using Ideal protein and I have loss 53 pounds but I'm having a hard time with food and need something different.

Phyllis Bigler

Saskatoon, SK

I have been following the Ideal Protein diet for about a month now and have lost 11.5 lbs so far ( hope to get down 25 lbs in total) I am very excitied to have found this recipe site because I have to admit I have gotten into a bit of a rut as far as my meals go lately. I hope that all these lovely (and hopefully tasty) recipes will help me get the rest of the way to my goal!

Diane Wiebe

#3 1890 Ambrosi Rd Kelowna BC

People were begging to know how I did it. 85 pounds off in 5 months of dieting. I had always eaten healthy and people knew I would not use a program that was unhealthy. You can be the weight you want to be too. Our coaches have all dropped eighty pounds or more. We provide free BMI testing. If you have struggled with weight loss, as we had, and now are committed to dropping the weight we are here to support you on your journey. We share space with Okanagan Natural Care Centre and qualified staff use techniques to correct hormonal function and other weight loss inhibitors in a natural way. Be the Weight You Want to Be!



I just want to be able to wear my wedding band again, to do that I need to get a good bit smaller. Imam the mother of 4 grown children and grand mother of 4 grand babies.



I am 49 years old, married 29 years, three grown boys and I am a laboratoy manager. I have been on and off diets for the better part of 20 years. As I jokingly say, i appear to be allergic to exercise. :-) I joined Ideal Protein January 5. I have lost around 10 pounds. I have not been overly hungry. Toughest part is eating all the vegetables.


Fredericksburg, TX 78624

My son and I are on the Ideal Protein diet and we are needing new ideas for our food. So far I have lost 18 lbs and he has lost 16 lbs.

Acalya Heeren

Aliso Viejo,CA

I started this diet 4 months ago and I was 176 lbs. Now I am almost done with phase 1 and lost 40 lbs. I am 136 lbs right now. I want to lose another 3 lbs to be 133 lbs and I am done with the Phase 1. Hello to Phase 2.

Lexi Anderson

Lac La Biche, AB

After quitting smoking I put on 50 pounds and found it difficult to take off, until I was introduced to IP!! I am not yet to my goal weight but shrinking all the time :)



I did the Ideal Protein Program back in 2012. I lost 35 pounds and 20 some inches overall. I had some difficult times in 2013 and gain all the weight back plus some. I just started the Ideal Protein Program again 10 Jan 14 and am looking to loose 45 pounds this time and keep it off. I had my first weigh-in tonight, I lost .8 pounds and a total of 3 inches IN ONE WEEK!!!



I'm 47 and my husband and I started on the Ideal Protein plan on August 23. Between the 2 of us we have lost 55 lbs. He is on Phase 3 and I have 4 more lbs to go. This has been the easiest plan we've ever followed but it also helps to have someone doing it with you! We feel great and keep saying "we're never going back to the way we were before!"



I just started the Ideal Protein diet and after 4 days I have lost 10 inches and 3 pounds. Iam very excited to continue my weight-loss. The food is very delicious! Very easy!! Iam learning all about all the high sugar content in food that is just astounding. Experiment with recipes. I really love making omelets with mushrooms and green peppers. Good-Luck to everyone!!!


West Hartford

In 2014 I lost 45 lbs. on IP but this past year I gained 20 lbs. back! Totally my fault for not following maintenance protocol. New Year's resolution drop those 20 lbs. and keep them off!

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I try to write honestly about my own struggles and in a way that encourages others to press on and live healthier. I always read the forum so check out my posts or make one of your own and I will probably comment on it. See you around!

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Orange County

I've been on the IP plan since Nov. 1, 2012 and have lost 10lbs and 9". Still trucking through those pounds and staying strong. Feel better than I have in a long time.

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Saint John, NB

I started on the Ideal Protein diet in September, 2012 and loved it so much and did so well, I opened my own Ideal Protein clinic. My doors opened in February 2013 and I have since left my "day job" to run the clinic full time. I now love going to work every day helping other dieters meet their weight loss goals. If you live in southern New Brunswick and have some pounds to lose, please give me a call and I can help you too! My dieters are finding following the program is actually less expensive than their previous grocery bill so there's no reason not to try it! You'll be surprised how easy it is to stay on the program without ever wanting to "cheat".

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Vernon BC

I am a 22 year old female. The reason why I Chose Ideal Protein was manly because I have tried every diet out there but would get scared to try the expensive programs. I heard about this wellness fair that was going on in my town and being an esthetician I decided to check it out. I was looking around and I saw the ideal protein stand and went by it and looking into it, they had a gift basket to enter to win worth $300 so like anyone I entered and went on my way with the mind set if i win i'll consider doing the program and to my surprise I WON! yay :) so been on my journey since March 17th 2014 and should be at my goal by mid November this year! and can't wait :)

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Bastrop Texas

trying to lose weight

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Denise Long


Want to get healthy

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Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

mervin hauck

antigonish, ns

started Ideal protein diet 2 weeks ago and looking for cooking receipes

heather defigueiredo


want to lose 20 lbs


port mcneill

ive just began my journey with ideal protein



Learning to have healthier food choices



I am an Ideal Coach



need encouragement and support


Yarmouth Nova Scotia

Mother of 2 girls and want to look and feel better!


Spring, TX

I have just started Ideal protein and I am looking for some ideas.

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Richland WA

I am 38 (almost 39) and I have been struggling to get my weight off ever since having my last child 4 yrs ago. I had heard about IP from a friend and my ob/gyn used the food and lost a whole person two hrs ago and has kept it off ever since. I wanted to try but never spoke up to my husband because I didn't think we could afford the program. Well, once I had to buy new pants AGAIN, now up to a size 12/14 I couldn't take it anymore! I had been starving myself, hardly eating anything but what I did eat was very high in carbs. I felt horrible. I told my husband how I felt. He was so supportive. He said "I love you and think you are beautiful but if you think you have to do this to make you feel good about yourself then I will find some way to pay for it". So after saving up a little to get I am on week one and I go in tomorrow for my first weigh in. I'm so excited to see the results! According to my scall I have lost at least 6 pounds!!! I love my husband and our three daughters but now it's time to love myself!



I am on the Ideal Protein Diet



Recently joined ideal protein, finding it very helpful!









I have lost 50 pounds to date on Ideal Protein in a change to get ready to enjoy the rest of my life. This includes normal lab values and no more medicines right now. Looking forward to a healthier life!

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Central IL

8/28/2012 - 258.5 lbs. - 78.5 lbs to go
9/4/2012 - 245.5 lbs. - 13 down, 65.5 lbs to go!
9/11/2012 - 240.5 lbs. - 18 lbs & 12.5" down, 60.5 lbs to go!
9/18/2012 - 236.25 lbs. - 22.25 down, 56.25 lbs to go!
9/25/2012 - 232 lbs. - 26.5 lbs & 20.5" down, 52 lbs to go!
10/2/2012 - 228 lbs. - 30.5 lbs, 48 lbs to go! (Getting a LOT of compliments)
10/9/2012 - 224 lbs. - 34.5 lbs & 28" down, 44 lbs to go!
10/17/2012 - 220 lbs. - 38.5 lbs down, 40 to go! (and almost 1/2 there)
10/24/2012 - 215.5 lbs. - 43 lbs & 30" down, 35.5 lbs to go! - OVER halfway there!!!!!!!!
10/31/2012 - 210.5 lbs. - 48 lbs down, 30.5 lbs to go!
Sorry, I haven't kept this up
11/26/2012 - 193 lbs. - 65.5 down, 13 to go!



I don't have a story I want to share

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Lake Forest, Il

My husband and I are on this journey.

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Looking for low carb recipes. Joining Ideal Protein