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Fort McMurray

213 Timberline Drive suite #5

Authorized Ideal Protien Dealer

10020 Franklin Ave

Offer Walden farms products, Miracle Noodles and much much more.

305, 9612 - Franklin Ave

190-151 Loutit Rd


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Recent Chat Messages

I went on ideal protien diet for Four months lost 40 pound work well for me .iam jacques st.pierre from moonbeam ,ont (near kapuskasing),i have my meat balls in the oven right now.cant wait to try them .bye😎

You can eat all of them in one serving!

I need to know what a good lunch menu is for Phase 4...

Hi Gail. It’s judy Antonello. Wondering if I can come into see u

Does anyone have a bread/muffun recipe using oatmeal or soup? I'm also looking for a creamy cucumber recipe. Thanks!

Looking for sauces, etc to moisten meats for eating.

Diet Orange Pancake? I've only seen the chocolatey chip and the plain pancake mix.

Diet Orange Pancake? I've only seen the chocolatey chip and the plain pancake mix.

Is this recipe Phase 1 compliant?

Looking for recipes for IP diet

I am looking for a recipe for "spaghetti sauce" that conforms to Ideal Protein .

I made this tonight. It was delicious!


This is delicious! 😍

I like the new changes :) It's easier to get to my profile now!

Same here, we just had Thanksgiving in Canada

Having a fat day today :(

Ideal Protein Potato Puree packet to make these potato rolls

Herb and Garlic Potato Rolls

Equivalent to 1 Ideal Protein Diet food. Yield: 1 serving

Gourmet Sandwich Pockets

(Phases 1-4)
(Raspberry Flavored Gelatin)

Ideal Protein Mango Sunrise

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Fort McMurray

Would like to loose 30 lbs. done this in the past and worked great !!

Rhonda Gray's picture

Rhonda Gray

Fort McMurray AB

i have been following phase 1 on the ideal protein program in a month i have lost 23 lbs. it has been has been hard i have always had weight issues and i still have aways to go.

Rob stewart's picture

Rob stewart

Fort McMurray

Joined in April and have dropped 110 pounds, with support and cooperation from both centres in fort McMurray I am on my way to a healthier life.

lillian's picture


fort mcmurray

Getting married August and I’ve gained so much weight. Emotional eating is the worst. Hoping ideal protein will help me out.

velmaralph's picture


Fort McMurray AB

Its been a hard struggle to take off weight and working from days to nights i found i wasn't eating healthy.

spark188's picture


Fort McMurray. Alberta

I ve been doing the ideal diet since last July. I have lost 50lbs on the diet
I continue to diet and excerise. I feel great.

Connorcutie's picture


Fort mcmurray

I've been over weight for 13 years been up and down different diets.. But this is the one that I saw a lot of weight loss..

Ashley6652's picture


Fort mcmurray alberta

I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife to a supportive husband. I think it's time I started to take care of myself as I always put everyone first. I look forward to becoming healthier and need a great kick start to loosing weight.

lori-simpson's picture


Fort McMurray

I started ideal protein in October and things went well, but over Christmas got back into old habits. I love food so it can be difficult, but finding all these new recipes online really helps!!

Garcher's picture


Fort McMurray

Looking for easy Ideal Protein recipes to make.

Fort MacGirl's picture

Fort MacGirl

Fort McMurray

Looking for a healthier life!

Family56's picture


Fort mcmurray

Doing the IP program.

Vicki Perry's picture

Vicki Perry

Fort McMurray alberta

Been on the program a few years ago. Need to get back into shape

Shirley's picture


Fort MCMurray AB

Lost 30lbs on this diet

PCMgirl's picture


Fort McMurray, AB

I enjoy Ideal Protein and am looking forward to getting my extra weight off.

Auntie Annie's picture

Auntie Annie

Fort McMurray

Started Ideal Protein today

mwalker's picture


Fort McMurray

Working a desk job now, I have gained a lot of weight over the past year. It is time for it to come off!

Brown's picture


Fort McMurray AB

Just starting!

Murff's picture


Fort McMurray Back on Track with Barb

On the program - love it

Trina's picture


Fort McMurray AB

I was in the military, after I released, I gained about 80 lbs. I became very unhealthy. I am currently on ideal protein and loving it

Kdavies's picture


Fort McMurray

I have been big all my adult life, and most of my teenage years. Tried lots of times to lose weight but nothing seemed to work. Ideal Protein is workng fir me and I'm so happy!

christie_philpott's picture


Fort McMurray

Started IP in Fort McMurray and just looking for some recipes, and tips to help through my weight loss

Manila's picture


Fort McMurray

I just started IP,so far so good I am excited fort first weigh in