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Ideal Protein Edmonton

Ideal Protein clinics and weight loss centers located in Edmonton, Alberta.

A clinic that provides a location to cleanse, rebuild, and maintain your physical and mental wellness with health professionals, coaches, and facilitators.

5016 106 Avenue NW EDMONTON

3500 119 Street

#140 3903-99 Street

Located in South Edmonton, near the intersection of Terwillegar Drive and 23 Ave.

587 521 3722
155 Haddow Close

Located on the North East end of Edmonton.

204 A 8119-160 Ave

Located on the west-end.

10660-156 Street

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method- Independent Clinic


14030 - 23 Avenue NW

Kells Counselling and Family Solutions has been providing counselling and psychological services in the greater Edmonton community for over 20 years. Through our growth, we have expanded to offer a wide range of services that focus on the health and well-being of our clients.
Our exploration to find a research-based, results-driven program to assist individuals with weight loss led Kells Counselling and Family Solutions to add the Ideal Protein Program to our clinic. With the support of our coaches, we have seen first hand, the dramatic results that can be obtained through the use of the Ideal Protein Program. We are excited to offer this program to our clients and support them in making a meaningful change in their lives.
We provide one-on-one weight loss coaching that focuses on achieving your weekly goals and incorporating smarter eating, lifestyle balance and promoting weight stabilization.
If you are ready to make a change in your life, contact Kells Counselling and Family Solutions to learn more about the Ideal Protein Program and get started today.

302 1207-91 street S.W.

#141 4211 - 106 St.

5649 A Riverbend Road

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Centre located in central Edmonton with flexible hours and a coach that cares!

Unit 214-11830 111 Ave

11528 Jasper Ave

Located in North East Edmonton, with flexable hours, WHAT WOULD YOU TRY IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T FAIL?

780 991 3677
6304 - 129 Avenue

#201-17303-107 avenue


CRANJANB's picture



My original weight was 228 lbs. With the Ideal Protein Diet I lost58 lbs in about a year. I went off the diet and my weight has ballooned to 222lbs. Back again.
The most difficult part is that I am a vegetarian.

Crazycrafter's picture



I fought with my weight most of my life, especially after I had my 3 beautiful children. After trying every diet known to man I was introduced to ideal protein and within 4 months I had lost 46 lbs. I was feeling fabulous! Then life interfered as life does. I am still working to get control of my life and food but I now have a program and a coach that works to better me. Thank you Ideal Protein.

Preilly's picture



started my journey at 257 in January and after about six week I have lost 31 lbs. I am half way to my goal. I have another 25 lbs to go and the help from Trista has been very help and being able to shoot off an emai and get a response is helpful! I am happy I started on this process the only things that is not so great is the clothing situation have to buy new ones! Thanks for the support Trista! Looking forward to yoga and weigh in tomorrow!4
April 10, 2015--- down 40 lbs and weight in at 221! And ther 20 to go but with all the support and help that has been given. Helps , ! People at work have noticed...even commented on my need for some new pants! Thought we bought and now I am losing more! Aiming for target weight around my brith day in May! Then it will be a summer for fun in the sun and toning the muscles that lie underneath the fat!

wightman.carrie's picture


Edmonton Alberta

I love to cook and I've stuggled getting enough variety on the program. These recipes will certainly help.

mlubrick's picture



After gaining over 30 plus pounds in less then 5 years, I felt horrible. My breaking point was when I had to go shopping for a dress for one of my daughters graduation. I found myself in all these different fitting rooms trying on dresses only to end up devastated that I couldn't find anything that fit me good enough to hide all the extra weight I had put on. That is when I decided that I needed to do something about it and to stop feeling sorry for myself. It was my unhealthy eating habits that got me to where I was and I needed to learn how to eat great nutritious meals. I am now down 34 lbs and 46 inches! I have gotten rid of all the excess weight and feel great!

JennyHarley's picture



Was on Ideal Protein Diet for 7 Months last year, I got great results but went off of it sooner than I planned because of a holiday. I have now decided to go back on it to get to my ideal weight. Looking forward to it.

Tevragraham's picture



I just started the ideal Protein Program and have had great results. I am turning to the site to allow some variation in my diet. I believe it is important to enjoy it in order for it to be a lifestyle change.

MRB's picture



I've always been up and down with my weight, but mostly up. After getting married and going through some challenging times I gained 50lbs in 3 years I kept saying I wouldn't gain any more and this was it; but then I would pass that number. Now that we want to start a family, I want to be at my best. This is one of the first steps.

jan's picture



I try to write honestly about my own struggles and in a way that encourages others to press on and live healthier. I always read the forum so check out my posts or make one of your own and I will probably comment on it. See you around!

Ala2003's picture




Lenore's picture



Just started the Ideal Protein diet

flecjamw66's picture



lose 40 lbs (Aug. 8/2018)

WendyD's picture


Edmonton 111ave

I am 1 week in and loving it!

jhenthorne's picture



In 2015, I joined this program and did well. Unfortunately, I lost my job and was unable to continue on my weight loss journey. Now, I am about to start a new job, have a grad reunion coming up, and would like to look and feel the best I can.

flecjamw's picture



I've been losing 40 lbs (Aug. 8/2018)

Melissa1's picture



I struggle to lose weight. It's frustrating.

SmoochyD's picture



Just starting IP after seeing success with two of my friends! Excited!

auntykipps's picture


edmonton alberta

Ideal protein dieter

DDonecz's picture


Edmonton AB Canada

On IP would likes some creative ideas

Bonniehaugen's picture



I have just started IP and am struggling to find ways to get my veggies in. Looking for new recipes :)

Oilersrock06's picture



We have started the ipd. We are on day 12. Looking for new ideas

joseemichaud's picture



I like the program but find myself tired of the same meals..looking for different ways to cook

Siglynn's picture


Edmonton, AB

I'm just starting my weight loss journey using IP. I'm hoping to get a better understanding of healthy eating to share with my family

Cass74's picture


Edmonton alberta

Starting my journey

Mihaela's picture


Edmonton, Alberta

Third time on the program and I'm loving it!

Geedub13's picture


Edmonton, Alberta canada

I just started the IP diet! I love to cook so really excited to have found a site with some recipes :)

kulakat's picture



Want to lose weight post baby. Tried a lot of other plans with no results.

Jberjian's picture



I just had a baby and have been struggling to lose the weight, hope this works!

debbiesmith's picture



Tried many diets. Need to lose100lb

Marny's picture



Over 60 and have age old gravity and mid-section issues

loosing-it-2's picture



After some discussion with my chiropractor I made up my mind to try yet another diet. I'm just starting it and will let you know more as time goes on. I have tried many other diets in the past, but became bored with trying and no results. So, I'll keep you posted.
Have a good one.

Judemaclean's picture



Love the product

shanna's picture



Doing my best on the Ideal Protein diet. Both positive and negative things to say about the IP diet and hope to share some of my experiences in the forums.

Myer's picture



Kept trying diets, but ideal protein works and has helped change my eating habits and lifestyle. It feels great to feel healthy!

Karianne's picture



48 year old mother to 3. Work in medical administration. Gluten intolerant.
Have adjusted to gluten free now would like to loss weight. Battled weight all my oife

Norine Whalen's picture

Norine Whalen

Edmonton Alberta

Just got started with the program

carol-anne riome's picture

carol-anne riome

Edmonton Alberta

I will tell more later.

Lisa mt smith's picture

Lisa mt smith


Went on the diet successfully lost 20lbs went off not following recommendations gained it back now back on to do it right have lost 10lbs so far yaay

Romina's picture


Edmonton, AB

I just started the IP diet, hoping to lose forty pounds, looking forward to try all your recipes...

Carolinewoods's picture


Edmonton Alberta Canada

Trying to lose 30lbs