Saint John


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Saint John New Brunswick

I just joined ideal protein 5 weeks ago and simply enjoy it. I have a thyroid disease which for years it made it difficult for me to lose weight. Since I have been on this program I have lost over 10 pounds and 12 inches. I'm not big to begin with as my weight lost goal is going to be achieved within 3 weeks. I love the food in this diet and how it works. I have never been somebody to eat 3 meals a day therefore this diet has educated me on how much to eat. I love the support that I get from Marilyn she has been great and informative. Now I have encouraged friends and family to join this wonderful program as well and all of them have been successful so far as well. Good luck to everybody and if this is your first week do not discourage yourself it gets easier! Cheers!

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Saint John, NB

I started on the Ideal Protein diet in September, 2012 and loved it so much and did so well, I opened my own Ideal Protein clinic. My doors opened in February 2013 and I have since left my "day job" to run the clinic full time. I now love going to work every day helping other dieters meet their weight loss goals. If you live in southern New Brunswick and have some pounds to lose, please give me a call and I can help you too! My dieters are finding following the program is actually less expensive than their previous grocery bill so there's no reason not to try it! You'll be surprised how easy it is to stay on the program without ever wanting to "cheat".

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St Johnsbury, VT

Need to lose 75 pounds

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Saint John

Completed the Ideal Protein protocol over 3 years ago. Hoping to get back on track and lose all the weight I gained back.

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St. John's

Just trying to maintain my physical and mental health

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St. John's, NL

Joined Ideal Protein in Nov, lost over 20 lbs. Looking for new recipes

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St johns

Doing a reboot after losing 80 pounds. Looking for new recipes and ideas.

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St. John's

35 lbs overweight, with chronic pain and overwhelming fatigue. Suffering from skin and gut issues. I realized I needed to change my WOE immediately. I eased into LCHP and gave up my 6 a day diet coke habit on July 29. I am now in ketosis and loving my new life. I have more energy alot less pain and my skin is clearing. My gut is still healing but I don't have bloating anymore. I am committed to this WOE forever. I cleared my pantry and fridge of everything that is processed and bad for me. I'm still restocking my pantry with all keto approved food. And I am excited to try alot more LCHP recipes !

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Suzanne langmead

St. John’s Newfoundland

Currently on IP

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Saint John

My son will be getting married in one year from now and I want to look good for the pictures

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St. John's, NL

Helping my daughter through her journey with weight loss

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Saint John

I just started the ideal protein program and I am eager to gather many recipes.

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saint john

This is my second time doing this! I fell of it hard but now I know I can do it!

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Saint John

I joined Ideal Protein in 2013 with Inch By Inch and did well on it. Lost 43 lbs

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Saint John N.B.

Just starting out and want to live healthier and feel comfortable in my own skin

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St. John's. NL

52 yrs old and over weight. I want to loose 30lbs

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Fort St. John Canada

Lost 90 lbs on Ideal Protein and on maintenance for 9 months. Struggling as I am slowly but steadily gaining so looking for new healthy ideas on and off program. I still buy some IP products.

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Saint John

Restarted Ideal Protein on Jan 3rd 2017. Plan to lose over 100lbs.'s picture

St Johns

Started on October 10th, looking for recipes.

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St. John's NL Canada

In IP maintenance for the last year, looking for new ideas and support

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St. John's

Joined weight watchers and looking for low cal. recipes.

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Judy Collins

St Johns

I have been trying to loose weight for years now .I tried weight watchers,empowering you and on my own ,nothing have really worked.I joined Ideal Protein back in May ,I have lost 45lbs and is very happy with that .Iam not as tired as I used to be ,my blood pressure is gone down and I feel very healthy right now .

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Saint John New Brunswick Canada

I'm 65 and have tried every weight loss program around. I started gaining weight at 8 yrs old, where I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. But I am now on Ideal Protein and have lost 43 lbs. I like the structure of the diet and I love the products. And the amount of veggies and protein we can have. It's a winner.

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Saint John

Just starting out...

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St. John’s

Joined 1 month ago, need to loss about 20-30pounds so that I can be comfortable in my clothes again.

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Fort st john

Trying to slim down for my wedding July 2016!

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Saint John

I am type 1 diabetic I have had it since I was 7 I am now 44. I have so much weight on I have become insulin resistant. So had to make a change and so far this is working for me.

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St. John's newfoundland

Want to have a healthy balanced life

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Saint John, NB

I started IP on September 24, 2012 and lost 64 lbs without a cheat. After 50 lbs. I decided the Ideal Protein biz was for me so opened my own clinic in Saint John, NB, Canada. Now I'm able to help so many people have the same success I did with a protocol that really works. I'm proud of what I do....especially when my clients tell me they've been able to ditch their meds and are now leading healthy lives, prescription-free. It's a beautiful thing!

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stickin with it

Saint John New Brunswick

I have been on IP for almost 6 weeks i have lost 19 pounds and 19 incges

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Been trying lose weight for 30 years without success

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Fort St John

Trying to change my life

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Saint John

Never really had to worry about weight until recently, I have found as I get older the weight goes on and doesn't come off.. Just looking to get it off for good this time

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Saint John

Just started and need recipes.

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Saint John, NB

I have struggled my whole 34 years with weight and I have settled that I would be heavy forever. When my mother was diagnosed as a type 2 Diabetic and we had a family friend die suddenly it was an eye opener for both of us so we took this challenge on together for support but because we love each other and want the best for each other. I am ready to make the changes and who knew it would taste good and work so well. My mom and I are on this journey together and I love having someone who loves me as my support we are seeing great success in just one month and have started to plan already how will we eat when we are done our weight loss. I feel so grateful to have found this product its a game changer.

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saint john nb

I am diabetic over weight, having a hard time losing weight.. trying to add more protein to my diet but don't know how.

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saint john . NB

i just start phase 1 @ Ideal Proteine my first week..

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Saint John

Started my ideal protein program in March this year with 28 pounds to lose. I am down 23 pounds in June. The food is good. Getting a little bored so looking for new recipes.

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Saint John

Just started the Idea protein diet 1 month ago and down 20 lbs

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Saint John, New Brunswickl

I would like to follow this diet solution so I can lose 30 lbs....
It is possible, mind over matter ...

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Saint John

I just started. Finishing up my first week. I'm only halfway through day five and I've lost 10 pounds!!!!

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wendy lorraine

Saint John New Brunswick

I have battled with my weight since i was in my teens...I need to start eating healty for myself ..I also have diabetes and high blood pressure...I need all the help i can get to loose this weight...I want to loose 100lbs

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Saint John, NB

After years of looking after my Family it is now time to look after myself. If I am not well, then who will look after them?

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Saint John

Tried many diet and looking for long term success

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saint john

need to lose weight

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Lynn MacDonald

Saint John, NB

Just recently joined Ideal Protein Family.

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St. John's

I started ideal protein 7 weeks and have lost 23 pounds. I'm in phase 2 now and am getting worried I will gain weight when I stop this program. I would love to know some recipes that would help me. Especially ones that doesn't involve the ideal protein packets so I can make when I'm finished.

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Saint John

I have struggled all my life with weight. I exercise at leat 3 times per week. I eat I thought. The older I get, the harder it is to lose weight. Now I have hypothyroidism. I can't seem to win and I get further and further depressed. Please help me!

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saint john nb

Hurt my lower back, to help with recovery I need to lose weight. Been on IP for over a month & I'm down 14lbs & 13 inches ☺

Sept 26/2015
Phase 3 & 52 lbs gone! Feeling awesome
I started on Feb. 24/2015 & it was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

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janice legere

Saint John

Want to lose weight for my daughter's wedding in August

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St. John's, NL

On Ideal Protein diet & looking for recipes to make meals a little more exciting!

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Lisa Peddle

St. John's , NL

Just started Ideal Protein
Looking for recipies I can try

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Saint John,N.B.

I gained 70lbs in the last year due to depression and medication. I finally decided I was tired of being fat. Friends had tried this diet with great success, so after much procrastination,I decided to give it a try.

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Jackie Ainsworth

Saint John

Struggled with weight for 30+ years. Realistically, Need to lose 40-50 lbs

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Saint John

Steady weight gain over a period of many years - would love to get back to a decent size again!

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Fort St. John, BC

My story is short, but growing.

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Saint John, N.B.

Ideal Protein Clinic located in Steeves' Pharmasave, Parkway Mall, Saint John, NB

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saint john

I need to lose weight

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