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Michelle Macfarlane
260 Regina Road, Ste. 5


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Hello! I am an IP member (since Sep. 2016) from Parry Sound, Ontario. I was doing great after my coach closed the local IP clinic here last December, but slowly have gained back 20 lbs of the 50 I lost. I was close to my goal but not quite there. I ran out of IP products, and just couldn't find any comparable products with the IP levels of protein, carbs, fats, micronutrients, etc. so I tried to substitute and it is just not working out.
I am a RN (30 years experience) and understand the program, need for supplements, etc.
It would be very helpful to have someone to check in with, as well as to be a source for IP products . . . . not forever, but to get back on track and reach my goal (I am back up to 220 lbs and want about 40 lbs wt loss).
I think you may be the closest clinic to me. Would we be able to work together?
Thanks for considering, and best regards,
Deborah Randall-Wood,
Dunchurch, Ontario