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With 3 locations to serve you- Brampton, Bolton and Georgetown.

518 Guelph Street


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benny biscuit

Georgetown, Tx

I have been too big for too long. I want my life back without surgery.

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Georgetown, TX

I started the IP protocol 9 weeks ago. I have lost 22 pounds and have about 80 more to go. I am getting bored and I am looking for recipes that I can incorporate and hopefully develop new healthier habits.

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I just started IP and am looking for recipes. Thanks!

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No story. Let my self go taking care of everyone else. 50 years old, 70 lbs over weight. Week 7 and down 15lbs. No real issues with the protein plan. I cook every night, so Im looking for ideas.

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Georgetown, TX

Hi, I'm just here for the family recipes. I am so done with making 2 meals a night to feed myself and my family. I really like that you all have recipes for a family instead of just one person!! My life was just made easier!!! Cheers to loosing my last 30 pounds!!!

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Here to learn way to prepare food for wonderful meals for me and my family. Tryng to loose weight. I just joined IP

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Week 8 down 25

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Georgetown TX

I've been doing IP since npMay 2015 and have lost 50 lbs and still on the path..

Lynne Gipson's picture

Lynne Gipson


Seeking to lose twenty pounds

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My son lost 75 lbs on Ideal Protein.

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I am a mother of 2 have been on ideal protien for 6 months and have lost 70 lbs

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Georgetown, TX

I started IP this past week. I'm looking for recipes that will enhance my meals and keep me on track. So glad I found this site!

Kathy Lion's picture

Kathy Lion

Georgetown ONT


norm and atha's picture

norm and atha

georgetown TX

need to lose 25 lbs.

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I have joined ideal Protein to lose this weight I have been carrying around most of my adult life and to get healthy. I have tried other weight loss methods from time to time with some success. the difference this time is that I went through a very scary health crisis last year and I realize that at 63 yrs old , I am running out of second chances. I have always been healthy and have taken it for granted but now I want to be healthy for me and for my family and to be fit enough to enjoy all that life still has to offer. I am very determined this time around.

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Georgetown , Texas

Ideal protein