Chocolate Bark

IP chocolate pudding (or any pudding of your choice)


(the next 2 ingredients are not needed if you are not doing the choc pudding)
-2 tbsp cocoa powder
-1tbsp instant coffee

2 tsp splenda or stevia
8 oz of water (depending on consistency, could be less)


pour in aluminum pie plates or place on parchment paper on cookie sheet.
Freeze (30-45min)
Take out of freezer, break chocolate into pieces
Place in container, keep in freezer.

enjoy :)

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Great idea about the WF peanut spread. I have the chocolate and I am going to add some to the recipe when I try it for a sweet treat at Thanksgiving. :)

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The PB2 Chocolate powder is so much better than WF PB :). Try that. 45 cal, for 2 TB. 6G carb, 4G protein. Would that be ok to use on this diet?