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Ideal Protein Ontario


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Callander Ontario.

While I was pregnant with my first child, I gained 50 pounds, finally topping out at 200. After I lost 40 pounds in a few weeks after he was born, I felt unstoppable. Then I plateaued at 160. I was a size 14 and felt disgusting. My MIL had been on the Ideal Protein program for a few months and the results were amazing. I decided to give it a try. What could I lose? I went on the program, and 12 weeks later, I was fitting into a size 3, and was 20 pounds lighter than I was before I had gotten pregnant. Now, I feel unstoppable!'s picture

Kenora, Ontario

I'm 40 years old, I want to lose weight so that I have more energy to take care of my kids. I love the way I feel on the protein diet. I never knew how good it would feel to be sugar free!

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Sandie Hackwell

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Lost 50lbs on Ideal Protein in Fort McMurray, put some of it back on & am now at Purdy’s in Sarnia. I have about 18lbs to go.

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Wanting to look and feel better

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brooklin Ontario

Started Ip in 2017, and now am a coach

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london ontario

New to ideal you and looking for recipes

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Doing the low carb way-of-life now.

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LaSalle Ontario

Started Ideal Protein diet on Oct. 13. Lost 17 lbs in 7 weeks. Came to a standstill after a lot of stress around surgery time and carrying into New Year. Put 4 pounds on. I am back on diet. Looking forward to continued weight loss, but need variety in my meals.

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Hit rock bottom and heard lots about Ideal Protein and i have recently started the program and am loving it.

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I just started the Dr Poon diet and I know how routine some menus can become, so I'm interested in new recipes....fingers crossed! :)

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IP fan

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Started IP 3 weeks ago, eating just packages and dinner with family that husband cooks. Looking for some variety.

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I lost 107 pounds on Ideal Protein and now looking for a wider variety of recipes while staying true to a low carb approach.
Thank You.

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Burlington, Ontario

52yr old woman; lost 30 lbs 5 years ago on the Ideal Protein Program. Was not diligent with Phase 4 advice which has me back in the program with a goal of 30 lb weight loss; looking forward to getting rid of this excess fat and keeping it off

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Pembroke, Ontario

Don't want to end up diabetic like my 3 out of 4 sisters! Currently, on Week 2 of the IP program!

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Started IP in 2013 and I lost 90lbs. I did really good for 3 years and then I got derailed. I guess I quit. Well now I’m back and I’m working on doing by best and taking it one day at a time. I’m using alternative products this time. I have ordered from you before and I am looking forward to putting in another order soon, when all your products have been restocked!

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Rachelle Racine

Long sault ontario

Have heard alot about losing weight using ideal protein recipes. For health reason need to lose 60 pds.

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I have started Ideal Protein for the 2nd time!

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Laura lee


Just started Ideal. Going great but getting board

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I started ideal protein in November due to digestive issues I’d been having for years. Since I started IP I’ve being doing great. Now I’m just looking for some warm winter recipes.

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Hoping to lose 48 lbs.

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Paula Lessard


Need a new me, to feel good again.

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St.Catharines Ontario Canada

Being faced with surgery following a accident losing weight had to be done first. Not wanting to weight loss surgery I was informed about Ideal Protein. One month in 20 lbs lost

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Linda Chapman

St. Thomas, Ontario

just looking for Ideal protein recipes's picture


I really need to loss wight for health fo be able to work

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Trying to lose weight

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Been with IP since May it

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Joined IP 1 month ago. Lost 20lbs so far. Still 50 to go.

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Ridgeway Ontario

In my first week of ideal protein and looking for receipes.

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Robin Harkins

Corunna, Ontario

Overweight most of my life

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Windsor Ontario Canada

Hi I started IP in October and down 25 pounds. I love the program but I am getting tired of eating the same things. I would love some new ideas please thank you!

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Looking for delicious recipes for phase 1. Can't wait to try some of these.

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I need to get control of simplifying life

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Heather Torti

Windsor, Ontario Canada

Recently turned 50, spent the last 2 years grieving my mothers (73 yrs) passing and did it all through chocolate covered almonds, ice cream and what ever made me feel happy. Tried on a pair of jeans one day that should have fit and they did not. Was tired of feeling uncomfortable and unhappy in my body so started IP/IPA and have lost 38 lbs in about 5 months. Looking to expand my recipe options so I can continue to lose the last 15 lbs and continue to feel better and honor my mother by living healthy.

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London Ontario

New to Ideal Protein and looking for some great recipes

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I have just joined and am very impressed with your recipes hoping to try them

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Ottawa Ontario Canada

I was put on a diet when I had just turned 11 and have been on many diets over the years. I am 65 now and it is difficult to lose weight so I am hoping that IP will be a good plan for me. Eighth day today.

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Down 75 lbs. 15 to go!

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barrie, ontario, canada

I have just finished phase 2, weight loss is 42 lbs, and I am looking for recipes for phase 3 and beyond.