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I have diabetes and psoriases. I am on 2 pill forms of medication as well as insulin for my diabetes. I am starting the enbril injection in January for my psoriases.
My struggle ahs been trying to find foods I can eat that dont make my sugars sky rocket and my psoriases flare up. It is overwhelming at times because I feel that I am not allowed to eat any good food at all.
My hopes with Miracle Noodles is that I can get all of this under control.

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steinbach, mb

IM doing this for myself. Ive noticed that it doesnt matter how healthy I eat I gain weight. Its a daily challenge and struggle of what I eat. I watch the calories and watch the amounts. I stay the same. Im guessing it has to do with ym age and ow a womans metobalism changes.
We will see how it goes. I started Oct 8 2012

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jocelyne friesen


Loosing weight

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I just saw a friend that started a month ago and I felt very motivated to start again ! She looked fantastic and had lost almost 20 lbs :) I did the ideal protein diet for 2 months 2 years ago and still used a lot of the products but have decided to get strict with myself again and loose some more weight !! Wish me luck !

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cori lynn


just starting.

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