brittkeely's picture


Brandon, MS

Ideal Protein Coach

Cwilcoxen's picture


Brandon, FL

Going home to CA to see my family...haven't seen then since 2009. Looking to look and feel better

Kaylyle1's picture


Brandon MS

Starting IP for the second time. I lost 55 lbs before Covid hit. Then gained it all back and more. I really lov3 the program but I am disappointed in myself for not maintaining.

kgcooper's picture



15 pound weight gain due to inactivity from a fractured foot.

bremarver's picture



Trying to lose weight before my wedding

warkenil's picture



helping Hubby to lose weight on Ideal Protein

rob.carnegie's picture



Always looking for new recipe ideas.

Todd's picture



Big guy that has had past success with program. Going back for a tune up.

Ebby's picture



New to Ideal Protein and looking for alternative and creative ways to use my IP packets.

mmboya's picture



My name is Martha and I would like to get more information on weight loss, I have more than 60 pounds of unwanted fat to loss. I have may different ways to loose this weight but none has been successful any help that you can offer will be highly appreciated

hrdy's picture



want to lose pounds

Brendean's picture


Grand Rapids Manitoba

New to Ideal Protein.
Looking for recipes.

scamp's picture


manitoba Canada

5 weeks in and lost 15 pounds. 20 more to goal.

Janice Harms's picture

Janice Harms

Manitoba Canada

I am interested in all recipes I can get. To make my success of the ideal program even easier

Jo-Anne's picture


Hecla Island Manitoba Canada

I started on Ideal Protein in 2011, I had my own clinic for 1 and a half years, after losing 52 pounds I have yoyo'd between 243 and 205 for the past 3 years, I found some Facebook groups which made me decide to try again which led me here, wish I had these connections a long time ago.

Kupina123's picture



Lost 30 pounds so far, 10 more to go

kschmitty2's picture



I started IP today and I have 60 pounds to lose.

Shanice1's picture



Needs to loose weight for knew surgery. Ideal Protein made it easy safe and fun. Coaches are awesome. Best of all they all use the program or should I say embrace the lifestyle.'s picture

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I would like to lose 25 lbs

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I'm a new member to Ideal Protein, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle when I reach the 200 mark. Last time I was this heavy was when I was pregnant I recently got remarried, I just turned 40 and I think it's time now to really take care of myself. I was thinking that both of my parents passed away in her early 50s and with me just turning 40, I am fairly healthy. The only thing unhealthy about me is my weight I don't want to die young I want to be here for my daughter, my future grandkids and my new husband. So hoping this journey will have to take care of me, take care of my health and teach me a new better lifestyle.

gretchbl2017's picture


Brandon, MS

I am a 53 year old white female, have had MI with emergency 4 vessel CABG. My son wants me to try this diet to see if it will help me lose 30 pounds.

Fran Gropp's picture

Fran Gropp

Winnipeg Manitoba

Nothing else works as well.

KellyAnn5599's picture


Brandon, MS

SW: 250, Started 9/13/17, GW: 140

Ekehler14's picture


MacGregor Manitoba

I have some chronic illnesses, and a pituitary tumour that causes issues with me gaining weight, and having a heck of a time ever losing anything! My best friend is in phase 2 of ideal protein and she’s looking and feeling amazing, so I thought I’d check it out!

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Just want to take control and improve my health and fitness

mira's picture



I'm a coach for Ideal Protein and I need to inspiring my dieters with great recipes.

Heather O's picture

Heather O


Battled with weight my whole life. Seems I can loose weight with stress involved but once the stress goes the weight comes back.

Carol Sime's picture

Carol Sime


I am 5'2 - 167 lbs. I have been diagnosed borderline diabetic (mom has been diabetic for a very long time), and high blood pressure. I decided to smarten up and lose some weight. I have been on the ip diet for 2 weeks - no cheating and only have lost 5 lbs. I don't find it a hard diet and am trying to be very diligent. kind of frustrating only 5 lbs in two weeks but will give it one more week and see what happens. any ideas??

robanddar's picture



tied of eating junk food

jocelyne friesen's picture

jocelyne friesen


Loosing weight

ideallySherri's picture


steinbach, mb

IM doing this for myself. Ive noticed that it doesnt matter how healthy I eat I gain weight. Its a daily challenge and struggle of what I eat. I watch the calories and watch the amounts. I stay the same. Im guessing it has to do with ym age and ow a womans metobalism changes.
We will see how it goes. I started Oct 8 2012

Skyy's picture



I just saw a friend that started a month ago and I felt very motivated to start again ! She looked fantastic and had lost almost 20 lbs :) I did the ideal protein diet for 2 months 2 years ago and still used a lot of the products but have decided to get strict with myself again and loose some more weight !! Wish me luck !

melfette's picture


Winnipeg Manitoba

I am looking to loose 50+ pounds and have heard this program works.

SKowbuz's picture



48 years young and looking to loose 20lbs (current 170lbs goal 150lbs Large frame height 5'6" :) Going into day three and lost 3.4lbs already! Looks promising so far on my journey.

Breakthrough Weight Loss Ideal Protein Centre's picture

Breakthrough Weight Loss Ideal Protein Centre

390 Academy Road, Winnipeg,MB.

Helping clients achieve their ideal weight for the past 5 years! Healthy is the new sexy!

Julienpa's picture


brandon Fl

My husband and I are on the IP diet together.

cori lynn's picture

cori lynn


just starting.

Jean-Baptiste Giroux's picture

Jean-Baptiste Giroux


I like food.

kaygee's picture



I have always struggled with dieting.....but I find with Ideal Protein...once you get over that initial hunger craving and see the results within the first 2 gives you that extra push to keep going because the results are amazing. Being on this diet has help with my health issues tremendously and who wouldn't want to wake up every morning and seeing the new amazing you and feeling great at the same time....Bravo Ideal Protein... :)

dancingarbutus's picture



After years of trying every eating plan....nothing working....I have just started IP. Here's hoping :)

mpijpau's picture


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Would rather not give a story

twells's picture



On a journey to becoming healthy for myself and my family.

okhealth's picture



looking for a healthy lifestyle

Jackiew's picture


Winnipeg, MB Canada

I joined the Ideal Protein program on Sep 17/14 and have lost 27.8 pounds. Although the weight loss is slow, I'm feeling very confident I can do this! Way less meal planning and no calorie counting makes this program very easy to follow.

Granny Lois's picture

Granny Lois

Minedosa, Manitoba

Granny to 10 Grandchildren, living life to the fullest.

Mphg's picture



2nd time at this. Works very well.'s picture

Winnipeg Manitoba

I'm getting married next March and I want to look fabulous!

kelsgels's picture



Wanting to lose weight quickly, but in a healthy way. Not really too sure if Ideal Protein is for me, but am very interested in it.

Melpower's picture



Lost a lot of weight in 1st phase but was afraid to transition and life happens so now I am back on trying to lose 25 pounds again .... 1st loss was 60 pds

CdnHeather's picture


Manitoba Canada

Just started Ideal Protein a week ago and down 7 pounds. So excited to lose weight and feel good about myself again.

joany's picture


winnipeg, manitoba

I just started the program, April 15/13 so searching every place I can for ideas, recipes and anything that will help me hang in there as the months pass..The stories are wonderful and they really do inspire one to do this
I hope as time goes by I will have some interesting things to pass on..I have grand kids that are in University so hope this will work for an old chick too...

Deevaaan's picture



I have 2 kids. I lost weight after I gave birth to my 2nd child then shortly after I stopped breast feeding I started gaining weight. My goal is to loose all my belly weight and tone my butt. Wish me luck !

doncombe's picture


winnipeg, manitoba

66 years young high bp ,chloresterol,borderline diabetic,45lb over weight.I guess its time to do something about myself

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Darcysmith's picture


Brandon mb

Nothing to tell, just trying to lose weight. Love ideal protein products.

michelle949's picture



just trying to loose a few unwanted pounds.

kcaines's picture



I lost 35 Lbs on the Ideal Protein Program. It is so easy to follow and the results are great.

mizzfit2's picture



I have diabetes and psoriases. I am on 2 pill forms of medication as well as insulin for my diabetes. I am starting the enbril injection in January for my psoriases.
My struggle ahs been trying to find foods I can eat that dont make my sugars sky rocket and my psoriases flare up. It is overwhelming at times because I feel that I am not allowed to eat any good food at all.
My hopes with Miracle Noodles is that I can get all of this under control.