Weight Loss Clinics and Ideal Protein in Alberta


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I started this journey about 9 months ago when my neurologist recommended I significantly reduce my sugar intake to try to control my migraines. As my migraines had progressively become worse, I was willing to try anything, including giving up my beloved sugar. As of today I have lost my migraines as well as 90 pounds and 45 inches!

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Kimberly Anderson

Spruce Grove, Alberta

I started Ideal Protein back in April 2012. I wanted/needed to lose about 15 pounds and just in time for my daughters high school graduation. I ended up losing 19 pounds in 8 weeks and loved the program. I am a very active person (curling, fastball, slopitch, golf) and I had a sports related injury in August 2013 which set me back for being as active as I wanted to be. This combined with a huge uprooting of my life (that same summer) with a move to a new city, searching for a new job, my second child leaving home after graduating & two destination weddings caused a lot of stress and bad eating habits. Also my age & hormones has definitely played a big factor in my weight gain so I knew I had to start 2015 off right and reset and get back on track. I started up again January 2015 and I have lost 14 pounds with 4 more to go! The program is working well and I have even referred a colleague on to it and she has lost 11.5 pounds in two weeks and is doing well on it too! I will aspire to watch my eating and alcohol consumption in the future as I know I feel so much better with this weight coming off and I will continue to keep it off!! :-)

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Edmonton Alberta

I love to cook and I've stuggled getting enough variety on the program. These recipes will certainly help.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am 42 and gaining....gotta get back on track! I would still like to possibly have a child so time to pay close attention.

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Fort McMurray. Alberta

I ve been doing the ideal diet since last July. I have lost 50lbs on the diet
I continue to diet and excerise. I feel great.

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Fort mcmurray alberta

I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife to a supportive husband. I think it's time I started to take care of myself as I always put everyone first. I look forward to becoming healthier and need a great kick start to loosing weight.

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Blackfalds alberta

Been on the diet for a few months have lost 25 lbs have about 10 more to go

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Kathleen Dumont


Want to feel good

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Love Ideal Protein!

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Getting healthy

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Calgary, Alberta

I am looking to lose 25 lbs.

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Need some good recipies

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Mom of two ready to focus on myself

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Calgary Alberta

weight 201 pounds when started currently 185

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After 40 years of fluctuations in weight I’m looking for smart long term solutions

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Airdrie, Alberta

This is my 3rd time doing the Ideal Protein diet. I get better each time but I'm looking for some new recipes to enjoy. Thank you.

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I have joined Ideal Protien to loss weight and learn to keep it off to be healthier and stay fiscally active.

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Cindy Orr

Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

On the Ideal protein diet for the 3rd time in 3 years. Way too many plateaus. First 2 weeks in the diet I lost 4 pounds and stopped! Weigh 147 dropped to 144 and stopped. Goal is 135.

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Needing a weight loss program for myself and my husband

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Just starting my journey

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Karleys mom

Cold lake, Alberta

After having 2 kids my extra weight is on for the long haul. I've tried many diets but many have too much planning and prep work. With 2 kids under 4 that's kind of hard most days. I love how with Ideal Protein it's layed out and pretty simple. The only prep work is chopping 2 cups veggies 2x daily (easy peasy) then for supper I get an actual real meal and was soo ecstatic when I found out I can have actual pork chops (love them) with my veggies. I can stick with this one and not sway off diet then hopefully lose the 60 lbs and get back to pre baby weight all within 6 months. The recipes that are made up from the packets is what I'm hoping to change it up a bit otherwise I'm not sure what to do with them except add your water,warm up and eat 2 cups of veggies. :)

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lisa m

bonnyville, alberta

needed to find a way to loss weight and not give up

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Started ideal protein 4 weeks ago and am just looking for different recipes to keep things different :)
Phase 1

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edmonton alberta

Ideal protein dieter

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My husband and I lost 50 and 45 lbs respectively in 2014 through the IP program.
We kept it off for almost two years and then old habits crept in (after I quit nagging). One day this winter, it was he who said we need to go on the IP program again but this time make permanent changes. I was elated! No more nagging. I love all the suggestions and recipes your site offers. Wish I knew about it in 2014. And he has been so good at trying every recipe that I have put before him -- some with more success than others, but it is a definitely a learning. What is nice is that I have said for years that I need to learn to cook differently and you have helped us immensely. Thank you. I look forward to exploring your site more and more and experimenting with combinations I would not have otherwise tried!

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Lost 11 pounds

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Started ideal protein in May/17. Down 45lbs!

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Taber Alberta

Just a small town girl looking to lose some weight...... I am on a medication that has a side effect of weight gain, and I have put on some weigh... and I am lookjing to take it of and keep it off. I am hoping that Ideal Protein is my answer to living well.

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Alberta, Canada

I started my ideal journey just 8 weeks ago and have lost 32 inches and 27.5 pounds. I am so proud of how far I have come and how good this program makes me feel! Now I am just hoping to continue my success and create better habits.

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Falher, Alberta

I am interest in starting the program. My son is on it and has lost weight successfully.

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Looking for new recipes.

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Started on ideal protein January 1, 2017 and as of today's date have lost 20 pounds and feeling great. I still want to loose another 40 pounds.

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Heather B

Alberta, Canada


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Love this program works so well

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Calgary, Alberta

54 years old & finding it harder & harder to maintain mt weight.
I hope to loose at least 20 lbs!

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Gibbons , Alberta

Looking for receipes , so I don’t get bored .

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Grande Prairie Alberta

Joined IP to change bad eating habits, lose weight and get back on track for a health body

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Lost weight last year - now struggling to keep it off

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Been on IP off and on the past year. Down 70 pounds. Went to Cuba and gained 10 -- want to try some different recipes and get back to where I WAS. Love how I feel and look.

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I just started with Ideal Protein and looking for new ideas

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